Helping you to transform your

life, one belief at a time.....

About Me

I am Hayley and I want to share with you a little bit about my growth journey so far....

In Dec 2023 after 19 years, I left my secure career in the aviation industry as a Project and Compliance Manager to enhance my own sense of authentic happiness and wellbeing.

I have achieved this through harnessing Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and the awesome power of the subconscious mind to regulate emotions.

By practising and evaluating different techniques and modalities, I have learned how to question my subconscious mind, clear any unconscious programmes allowing me to regulate my emotional state.

With my energy work and mindfulness practices, I can now observe thoughts rather than to fully identify with them. I continue to process one emotion, imbalance, or belief system at a time, removing any blocks preventing me from being my true authentic self.

My mission now is to help guide individuals on their journey, helping to highlight the unconscious programmes, limiting beliefs and self-stories they cannot see for themselves allowing their best potential to shine. 🌟

The video below was me in May 2022 at the start of my training and this is my back story...

Being seen

When I was 18 months old, I had an eye operation which meant throughout my early years I had to wear an eye patch, which I was teased for by my classmates at primary school.

Lack of Confidence

I have dyslexia the learning disability which has kept me acting small all my life through fear of making a fool of myself.

Failure as a woman

When I was 13 years old, I had to have a partial Hysterectomy and as a result was told it was unlikely that I would be able to have children.

As a result of all these insecurities, I concentrated all my efforts on proving myself, through my studies, my fitness, my work, which meant I could distract from not being good enough to be a mother.

In 2018...

I finished working on a major project after 6 years of development and I felt like I had no purpose left. All my friends had toddlers and I felt pretty low, and this impacted my marriage and friendships because I was consumed by my state. I tried several things to stay positive and thought if I could stay focused then I could think it all away.

In 2021...

In 2021 after a prolonged period of stress in both my work and home environment my body decided it was going to protest and take its own action to slow me down. A swelling symptom developed in my legs one day after completing a training run and despite medical tests over the past three years doctors have not identified any reason and my fitness has not returned.

My Tipping Point!

I really do believe that your body does keep the score, so at this point I decided that if I was unwell, I was no use to anyone, and I realised I had to take responsibility and be the change.

2024 and beyond...

Every Wednesday I volunteer at The Dementia Care Hub, a wellbeing group that provides a social space for people living with dementia to chat and enjoy social time independent of their care partners. These groups work in two ways; they provide cognitive stimulation for people living with dementia and a regular break for care partners. This is also an important step to provide an opportunity for couples to gently begin the care pathway by introducing other people into their lives, something that can be helpful when more formal care is needed.

🩷 Take Responsibility 💚 Transform 💜 Thrive 💛