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Client Testimonials

Here are some feedback examples from satisfied customers who have already used my services:

Hayley's work is brilliant and life changing. I went to her in an hour of need and she was immediately kind, calming, and helped me feel that a positive future was possible.

I highly recommend her if you don't want your past to define your future.

Cathy, Cornwall

What can I say? In the space of a week, I feel different in a very positive way. Lighter, somehow taller. Sounds daft I know but I can't think of other words to describe it. I've found myself less reactive, less overwhelmed and being kinder to myself. Thinking rationally in situations where irrational usually wins.

I can't thank you enough Hayley for your excellent communications and service.

Sue, Cumbria

I was very impressed by Hayley's capacity to be quite direct and to head into the session fearlessly.

What I found most helpful in the session was twofold: being introduced to the sway test was very helpful way of accessing bodily and kinetic responses, that bypass the proliferation of the rational mind and was able to locate emotional blockages directly and easily.

Then of course the cathartic process that Hayley led me through was surprisingly immediate in its depth and led to an identification and freeing up of restrictive and painful issues. This seemed more effective that weeks of talking therapy.

Hayley was a bright, playful, and empathetic presence who facilitated the whole journey with warmth, sensitivity, and kindness.

Gary, Southampton

When I was little, someone (an uncle you could say) called me "fatty" or "jadhi" (often) in Gujarati. This made me think, "I am fat," and I spent years trying to prove otherwise. This led to continued unhelpful thoughts about my body image and food consciousness.

Thanks to Hayley, we identified and unpacked this old belief. I made peace with it, released it, and received the comforting support I've needed for so long.

I feel a mix of peace, relief, and exhaustion, but I know this is part of the healing process. Acknowledging our thoughts and discomforts leads to positive change.

Now, I'm practicing a new thought: "I have healthy, loving thoughts about myself inside and out." And it feels great!

Super grateful to you Hayley - What you do is life changing.

Nemisha, Winchester

I was very sceptical because I couldn’t get my head around the effectiveness of the results by proxy treatments in the quantum field and the fact that I hadn’t even met or spoken to you!

The results speak for themselves!! I didn’t know such emotions were available for me to feel again, I have definitely been blocked for years, I honestly feel like a new man.

The changes and shifts in me have been remarkable. I am so open to this process now. I would 100% recommend it. Thank you so much Hayley.

Simon, London

My work with Hayley has achieved a wonderful release of a deep-rooted belief within me. Hayley keeps you feeling safe and secure as she guides you through a process that takes you to the point of emotional impact, which was unexpected!!

Hayley encourages with positivity, love, and care to move forward finding resolution, understanding and release. She has a natural ability to read situations and steers you through difficult areas with both confidence and compassion.

If you have resolved deep seated issues or beliefs that hold you back, I’d highly recommend Hayley to help.

Molly, New Forest

Hayley is an amazing coach. As soon as we met, I felt utterly safe and comfortable in her presence.

Her warmness and kindness of heart, radiates through. I felt completely at ease, throughout the whole process and the results for me were enlightening and extremely comforting.

I would highly recommend Hayley, for any emotional healing or clearing and have recommended her to my daughter too.

Heather, Portsmouth

Originally being a little sceptical about this approach I was astounded how much Hayley's work on me has helped to remove attachments I've had for years and doubts in myself.

She works around your schedule and the results have been brilliant particularly for my mental health. I am more confident and rarely doubt myself and I lived with these anxieties for most of my life.

I would and have recommended Hayley to others.

Susie, Bournemouth

I have previously experienced three levels of CBT, which left me with some abstract tools that felt superficial in relieving long standing depression/social anxiety. My recovery never really became consistent despite the work that took place on my negative thoughts.

Hayley has worked with me over the past few months using the Belief, Body and the Emotion Code tools and incredible patience to start on my journey of personal growth away from the spiral of limiting beliefs and towards coherent understanding of the subconscious and self-healing. I am extremely grateful for her expertise in holding the safe space for me to unpack each trapped emotion and the creativity in a rational strategy to begin the healing process. The inner work addressing the body imbalances can be more rapid without the need to reopen any memories.

Over time, the daily work is becoming a habit albeit with a few forays into past experiences, which are a reminder of the changes I have made, and the work already done. The future now looks more attainable with potential experiences and brightness where once I only saw darkness.

Hayley offers a personalised approach to your healing journey, which I have no hesitation to endorse.

Emily, Lockerley

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